About <3

Kia Ora!

My name is Rue and I run Venom Vintage!!! I started Venom in my last year of High School in Christchurch, before moving to Wellington for Uni this year. I started off selling my old clothes on Depop, and I often looked at resellers listings wondering how they don't keep it all, and now I have learnt that it is actually as hard as it seems to not keep all of the clothes to myself haha.

I do not resell clothing (like many angry little tiktok people assume) to overprice and steal clothing from thrift stores (probably 5% of what I sell is thrifted lol). I also do not take any money out of Venom at the moment as my goal is to grow the business. So I currently work part-time at Just Jeans on the side. However, my passion lies in sustainable, circular fashion! I also run the Nostalgia Markets in Wellington, so you can find me there IRL.

I absolutely love running Venom Vintage, so if you have ever interacted with a post in any way, purchased something or left a kind message - thank you!